21 Savage Wishes “All This Violence Would Stop” & Is Met With Twitter Backlash

21 Savage is calling for an end to the high amounts of violence that are seemingly prevalent today. On Tuesday, July 13, he tweeted, “i wish all this violence would stop it seems like it’s more hate than love in the universe right now,” without much in the way of pre-amble or context. While it would seem evident, based on the tweet, that the Atlanta-based rapper means well, social media is still calling him out for being a hypocrite. 

For Twitter users, the hypocrisy lies within the fact that 21 Savage’s tweet stands in stark contrast to his lyrics— many of which do the exact opposite, and actually call for violence. Many of the “Mr. Right Now” rapper’s music consist of aggressive lyrics that flex his street and hood credibility. Although many listeners and hip-hop heads are entertained by his music, audiences feel like he’s the wrong person to deliver an anti-violence message because of this. 

Check out what Twitter users had to say below. What do you think? Has 21 Savage matured and evolved enough to be allowed to make such a statement? Is that even a requirement?

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