2KBaby & DDG Are Turning Up At The Tipton On “Zack & Cody”

The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody was a staple Disney show that’s reached a status of nostalgia, especially among younger hip-hop acts. The days when Cole and Dylan Sprouse were roaming around the Tipton Hotel is long gone. However, plenty of people hold the show dear to their hearts, including 2KBaby and DDG who take inspiration from The Suite Life for their new single. 

This week, 2KBaby called on DDG for their new collaboration, “Zack & Cody.” The breezy guitar strings and booming 808s are complemented by Baby and DDG’s melodious delivery.

The two rappers are building quite a rapport with one another. Earlier this year, the two collided on DDG’s collaborative project with OG Parker for the song, “Let Em Go.”

Peep their new collab below. 

Quotable Lyrics
Baby, I was packin’ with the package
I’m taxin’, any goofy n***a that be gassin’
I’m stackin’ and you will never tell ’cause I ain’t flashin’