50 Cent Calls for Additional 6k From Teairra Mari in Ongoing Case

Another day another dollar … at least that is the case for 50 Cent. The Brooklyn Hip-Hop mogul has been vocal about his ongoing case with Teairra Mari after the signer filed a lawsuit for revenge porn in 2018 after he allegedly posted a clip to his social media of the Love and HipHop star and her ex-boyfriend. After much back and forth, 50 Cent was rewarded with $30K from Mari.

While 50 may have been rewarded with the coins, it seems as though the rapper has yet to be paid. While demanding his money both on social media and in the courthouse, 50 Cent seems to be taking his request back to the judge, asking for an additional $6K.

“Mari’s failure to provide any responses to Jackson’s Discovery Requests is a prime example of Mari’s misuse of the discovery process, and her overall gamesmanship permeating this entire lawsuit and the judgment enforcement proceeding,” 50’s attorney wrote in court documents.

Mari reportedly did not respond to the June 24th deadline, where she needed to provide information regarding her finances. The Power creator’s attempt to seize the Love and HipHop star’s Vh1 checks seemed to fail as well.

The additional 6K that 50 Cent is asking for will put the rapper’s overall costs at approximately $40K. How long do you think Teairra Mari will hold out?

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