50 Cent Reveals When “Raising Kanan” Will Introduce Tommy, Tasha, & Ghost

Ghost is dead, Tasha is locked up, Tommy is on the run, and Kanan is dead as well. However, their stories will continue. 50 Cent is building out his Power-verse on Starz, first capturing audiences with Power Book II: Ghost. Now, Power Book III: Raising Kanan is expanding things even more. For those who haven’t watched the first episode, mild spoilers are ahead. 

Fans were not introduced to a young Tommy, Ghost, or Tasha in Raising Kanan‘s first episode. That left many questioning as to when they would appear. The season finale of Power had a preview that showed all of them together in the 90s, however, the other power players were nowhere to be seen. Speaking with Digital Spy, 50 Cent revealed when fans can expect to see the OG crew reunite. 

“I can’t tell you exactly when,” 50 explained. “But they’re in Kanan’s life before he went to jail. And you know potentially Tasha is already around, because when we see that Ghost forgives Kanan for his actions and they go back to working with each other but Tasha still has…” at that point Fif was cut off by Raising Kanan star Mekai Curtis. 

“Tasha was at the heart of so much shit that went wrong in the first season of the first Power bro’ and I’ll stick by that bro’, I will stick by that,” Curtis added. “She’s an important component and piece,” Fif concluded, promising that we will meet the crew. Raising Kanan has already been greenlit for a second season.