50 Cent Still Can’t Believe He Lost “Best New Artist” At 2004 Grammy Awards

Those who were around to witness 50 Cent’s rise in the year 2003 will likely attest to its unparalleled nature. Joining the Shady/Aftermath empire when Em and Dre were in the midst of an incredible run, 50 Cent became an instant superstar following the release of his breakout single “In Da Club.” Shortly after, he released his major-label debut Get Rich Or Die Tryin, an album some would even list among the greatest of all time.

Not only did Get Rich Or Die Tryin fare well critically, boasting songs like “Many Men,” “Heat,” “21 Questions,” and “If I Can’t,” but it also proved to be a commercial juggernaut. The project sold nearly one million copies in the first week, totaling 872,000 before hitting platinum eligibility the following week. The momentum only continued as Fif’s G-Unit crew released their debut Beg For Mercy later that year, further solidifying the rapper as one of the game’s biggest names.

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

And yet, when the Grammy Awards came around in 2004, 50 Cent found himself snubbed from the category many believed would be an easy win. Alas, the melancholic slow-burn vampiric blues of Evanescence, who themselves enjoyed quite the breakout run with singles like “Bring Me To Life” and “My Immortal,” ultimately proved to be the bane of Fif’s existence. Even to this day, 50 still isn’t over his big loss, which is arguably among the biggest snubs in Grammy history.

It’s not the only snub 50 Cent has experienced. Despite being at the helm of a genuine television empire, Fif has yet to receive an Emmy nomination, which he opted to combat with sheer sarcasm on his Instagram page. “First this then my Emmy nomination wow what a great day,” writes 50 Cent, after his name nor his work was included in the 2021 Emmy Nomination list. “Next i’ll win best new artist at the Grammy’s. i’m on a roll guys.”

His disbelief was further contextualized in a previous post, in which he appeared utterly floored by the snub. “I can’t believe they left my show off this list Entertainment tonight should be ashamed of themselves,” he captions, alongside ET’s report of the 2021 Emmy Nominations. Recall that it’s not the first time 50 has blasted the Emmys for turning a blind eye to his work. 

Check out Fif’s reaction to the Emmy snub below, a blow so painful it brought back memories of that fateful day in 2004. Don’t worry Fif — you’ll always be the best new artist in our hearts.