50 Cent Tries To Get 42 Dugg To Remove Jeezy From “BMF” Song

Jeezy has deep connections to BMF so it makes sense that he would be involved in a musical soundtrack for the upcoming television series about the infamous drug family, but it appears as though 50 Cent is (playfully) trying to take him off the record.

Announcing that he has a brand new soundtrack coming soon as part of the BMF series launch, Fiddy told an interviewer at ThisIs50 that they could already expect music from 42 Dugg and Jeezy to be included on the official soundtrack to the show, but if he gets his way, the song would only be from Dugg.

“I got another record coming off of the BMF soundtrack. BMF will have a whole musical soundtrack,” he said. “There’s so many people connected– that story is connected culturally, BMF, so you’ll see more involvement from artists. I got 42 Dugg, he already sent something, him and Jeezy. I like it with [only] 42 Dugg though. You don’t really need Jeezy, you just need 42 Dugg. I’m just trying to convince him to take that n***a off the record. His shit is hard. The other shit, we can do without that shit.”

50 Cent and Jeezy don’t have the greatest relationship these days. Fiddy has dissed Jeezy on a few occasions, calling him a clout chaser and calling him out for allegedly ducking BMF. While his soundtrack omission is a joke on 50’s part, it’s veiled with the truth.

Are you excited about the upcoming BMF soundtrack?