6ix9ine Claims Blueface “Can’t Compete”: “I Have 23 Million Followers He Has 0”

The online spat between Blueface and Tekashi 6ix9ine rolls on. After 6ix9ine trolled Blueface for getting his jeweler’s name tattooed on the side of his head, the pair of rappers haven’t let up. Blueface took jabs at Tekashi’s loved ones, most notably his ex and father, complaining that 6ix9ine wasn’t financially supportive. The back-and-forth is said to have resulted in Blueface getting his Instagram deleted and the California rapper accused his virtual foe of reporting all of his posts.

“Mans came for me got his feelings hurt so he did what rats so an snitched,” Blueface wrote days ago. In response, 6ix9ine joked that Blueface should get Instagram tattooed so he could have his account restored.

After Akademiks reposted the exchange, 6ix9ine jumped in the comments with one final attack. “Ak stop posting me with this [clown emoji],” wrote the rapper. “I know you’re cool with the fight people who setting his fight up and HOPE I will ever give this man a career. I have 23 million followers he has 0. I have a net worth of 10 million his is 0. I have over 2 dozen platinum hits he has 1 song. You can’t compete where u don’t compare.”

Blueface is set to go toe-to-toe with a TikTok star before the month’s end, but don’t expect to see these two in the ring anytime soon. Check out the posts below.