6ix9ine Rants About Jim Jones: “Why Is That N*gga Not In Jail?!”

We’re sure Jim Jones is off somewhere still celebrating his appearance on Verzuz alongside his Dipset crew as they faced off against The LOX, but Tekashi 6ix9ine still has the Harlem icon in his crosshairs. In September 2019, audio that was alleged to be of Jones calling for 6ix9ine to be violated was leaked, and since that time, the rapper has kept relatively quiet about the situation. However, 6ix9ine has called out Jones at every opportunity, and he brought him up once again while chatting on Clubhouse.

This segment of the conversation kicked off with 6ix9ine mentioning that Jim Jones was “running with” the same people that Tekashi befriended. The rapper listed off names of their mutual associates, many Nine Trey, before alleging that Jones “did not take care of none of them n*ggas.”

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6ix9ine added that when he was introduced to those associates, they were on hard times but he looked out for their well-being. “Jim Jones wasn’t taking care of them n*ggas, I took care of them n*ggas!” he is heard yelling on Clubhouse. “On top of that, Jim Jones was caught on wiretap on my case telling the big homie Mel Matrix to go and get rid of my security. How you do it, how you shoot at ’em, they don’t got no license to carry weapons… How is that n*gga free right now?”

“Why is that n*gga not in jail?” 6ix9ine questioned. “You tell me.” Other moderators seemed hesitant to comment on the accusations, adding that Jones wasn’t in the Clubhouse room to defend himself. Still, 6ix9ine was unrelenting and told listeners to find the video online for themselves. Listen to the near-five-minute clip below.

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