6ix9ine Responds To Being Threatened In Brooklyn With More King Von Slander

Ever since Tekashi 6ix9ine was released from prison, there has been talk about him getting pressed in the streets. The rapper has been able to maintain a level of safety with his ’round the clock security team, and although several people have tossed threats his way, 6ix9ine has gone about his business by releasing hit singles and popping up in neighborhoods across the country, proving that he’s moving without issues.

A clip of 6ix9ine in Brooklyn recently went viral, showing the rapper was engaged in a shouting match with a man who was set on intimidating him. 6ix9ine was called a “rat” throughout, and his response was to challenge the man to get out of his vehicle and do something about it.

However, it seems that it all ended when everyone went their separate ways, but after Akademiks shared clips of the incident, 6ix9ine made his way to the comments to add to the conversation.

“Every time the gangsters don’t do nothing YALL get mad and say ‘staged,'” said 6ix9ine. “But let it be the other way around and my car got shot up, YALL be like ‘LMAOOOOO YO RIP. L!!!!’ [sideways laughing emojis] YALL cheer when it’s in YALL favor and cry when it’s not. That’s why I laugh when king Von died because if it was the other way around YALL be hype. Pick and choose. SMOKING ON VON.”

He hasn’t ceased in going after the late King Von since the Chicago rapper’s murder back in November 2020. Check out the posts below.