Abstract Mindstate Readies Their Kanye West-Produced Reunion Album With “A Wise Tale.”

Kanye West may be reenergizing the entire rap game by teasing the imminent release of his tenth studio album Donda, but it looks like his long-delayed project isn’t the only year-long promise that he’s following through on. As a bit of a refresher, Kanye previously tweeted a “YEEZY SOUND ROSTER PROPOSAL” on July 11, 2020, and the artists mentioned in his cryptic YZY SND endeavor were himself, CyHi da Prynce, Clipse, Tony Williams, North West, KC, and a veteran underground Chicago rap duo Abstract Mindstate — who actually gave Kanye one of the first major features in his career.

A full year later, Abstract Mindstate’s YZY SND debut, like the long-awaited Donda, is finally set to release. On August 6, the duo will come out of retirement to share Dreams Still Inspire, its first studio album in decades. To make matters even more exciting, it has been confirmed that Kanye West will fully produce Abstract Mindstate’s reunion album. 

Those looking forward to hearing what Abstract Mindstate and Kanye West have cooked up for Dreams Still Inspire will definitely enjoy the album’s first single, titled “A Wise Tale.” As soulful as Common and Kanye’s mid-2000s collaborative efforts, Abstract Mindstate’s latest release is a two-and-a-half-minute track that places expert lyricism over an infectious soul sample. 

Listen to “A Wise Tale” below and let us know if you’re looking forward to Abstract Mindstates’s Kanye West-produced YZY SND debut.

Quotable Lyrics

She got a secret, don’t know if she keep it
Don’t know why she hide it, guess it’s convenient
She like a zebra, two things at one time
It ain’t black and white when you’ve lived it a lifetime
She got a story, might be a fable
No categories, she don’t like labels
She like a loner, maybe she’s selfish
Something is fishy, but she don’t like shellfish