Alchemist & Boldy James Are Back In Business

There are a great number of hip-hop heads who would agree that Alchemist and Boldy James’ The Price Of Tea In China was one of 2020’s best albums. Boasting twelve songs and production across the board from the legendary Alc, the project played an important role in widening the scope of Boldy’s audience. 

Not long ago, the duo confirmed that they were back to work on another album, and today Alchemist has come forward to once again stoke the flames of hype. “Boldy James & The Alchemist season 2 starts this Friday,” writes Alchemist, leaving fans wondering as to whether or not a complete album is around the corner. 


Well, we won’t have to wait much longer to find out. Alchemist offered some more news on his Instagram page, confirming that all plans will be revealed by the end of the week. “Scary sight @boldyjames,” he captions, alongside an in-studio snippet of some new music. “New Boldy & ALC + album info this Friday.”

Musically, the beat Alc revealed in the clip is certainly promising, an eerie dose of aquatic minimalism tailor-made for Boldy’s bars. We certainly can’t wait to see how Boldy and Alchemist come through on another collaborative album, especially given how strong their previous effort was. Luckily we’re only mere days away from “season 2” — sound off in the comments if you’re excited for some new Alc and Boldy music.