Amicable Divorces: Kim Kardashian Rolls Up With The Kiddies To Kanye’s Second ‘DONDA’ Event

Source: MEGA / Getty

Everything is all good in the Kardashian-West neighborhood, despite a divorce going down it seems. For the second time in two weeks, Kim Kardashian-West rolled up to Atlanta to support her estranged hubby Kanye West for his second listening party in Georgia.

Last night, the Grammy winner presented his final version of his album ‘DONDA’ for fans in conjunction with some performance art at the Mercedes Benz stadium. Kim first hinted that she’d be in attendance by sharing a photo of her mask and gloves for the occasion. Of course, they’re both Balenciaga, just like Kanye’s!

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) August 6, 2021

Kim wasn’t dolo, though. Fans quickly spotted Saint West and who looks to be his sister, Chicago, before the event started. The kids laughed and horseplayed for a bit in the audience, with an onlooker capturing them on camera.

The West kids are now in the audience! #DONDA

— Photos Of Kanye West (@PhotosOfKanye) August 6, 2021

We didn’t get to see Kim’s full look for the night or face for that matter but she did share some footage of her point of view from the audience last night. On Twitter, Kim uploaded a clip from Ye’s show where he literally levitated off the ground into the sky. She simply captioned the magical moment with the hashtag #DONDA.


— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) August 6, 2021

In related news, prior to putting on his highly anticipating ‘DONDA’ streaming event, Kanye went live from the barren bedroom where he’s been sleeping at the Mercedez Benz stadium. The live camera caught all of his candid moments, including this one after an apparent nap.

Yes, that’s Ye in his drawls.

Oh, and in case you missed it: A Kanye stan seemingly tried to hijack the show and got stomped out by security last night.

Peep the footage below.