Andre 3000 Spotted At Open Mic Event With Flute In Hand

Andre 3000 has achieved a rare accomplishment, seldom experienced by the average mortal man. Somehow, after enjoying a run in one of hip-hop’s most legendary groups of all time — OutKast, who certainly needs no introduction — the esteemed lyricist known as Three Stacks has transcended humanity altogether.

In his place stands a mystical figure of sorts, one who appears content with traveling the land with flute in hand and mingling with whoever is lucky enough to cross his path. As it happens, an Andre sighting has become such a rare event that it tends to make headlines whenever it occurs, and one fan recently shared her own experience meeting the OutKast lyricist out in the wild.

Jerod Harris/Getty Images

“Coolest thing ever tonight!” reads the IG post, as shared by the account @lil.summy and reposted by DJ Akademiks. “I went to an open mic event at a park and saw someone with a unique looking double flute. I commented on how cool it looked and chatted with this super nice, chill dude for a minute before going to sit in the grass.”

“It wasn’t until after I’d sat that someone whispered to me “you know who that is right?” It was Andre 3000!!!” the post continues. “He stayed and hung out for the entire show and cheered for every person who performed. Was really hoping to get to hear him play, but his humbleness only made me love him even more. What a sweet dude!”

It’s certainly wholesome to see Andre continue to bring joy to people, and though it’s unlikely we’ll ever see that long-coveted solo album, it’s clear that Three Stacks will never stop making music — one flute loop at a time. Show some love to Three Stacks, a true man of the people, in the comments below.