‘AntiVaxMomma’ Charged After TikToker Exposes Fake Vaccine Card Ring; Sold Over 250 Cards

Anti-Vax influencer @AntiVaxMomma has been charged for selling over 250 fake vaccination cards.

Source: Newsday LLC / Getty

Misinformation is running wild on social media and even in every day conversations, making it all the more difficult to find a way to curb the spread. Just like anything else, even misinformation has created its own influencers, who just post content to get likes and a build a brand regardless of how much harm they are doing. Everything always goes back to making money and with misinformation with vaccines, everything they spread is either dangerous or illegal.

One influencer, AntiVaxMomma, blew up on social media, and the sword she used to get a following is the same sword that took it all away. According to NBC New York, a TikToker exposed her for selling fake vaccination cards thats landed the influencer in trouble.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office charged Jasmine Clifford, 31, of Lyndhurst, New Jersey, with selling the fake cards, and Nadayza Barkley, 27, of Bellport, NY, with entering at least 10 of the buyers into the state’s centralized NYSIIS database — which powers the state’s Excelsior Pass — while working at a Patchogue medical clinic.

A New York state police investigator who became aware of the scam a few weeks later tested it by contacting Clifford to order a fake card and to be added to the state vaccine database, prosecutors said.

In July, the investigator said in court papers, he received a package containing a CDC COVID-19 vaccination card marked with the name and date of birth he provided and a cellphone screenshot showing that the information he provided had also been added to the state database.

So far, 13 people have been charged with buying the fake cards and the punishment has yet to be determined, but the amount of laws broken in this scheme plus jail time will turn them into vaccine believers. Clifford reportedly charged $200 for the cards and Barkley charged an extra $250 to register buyers in the database. Long story short, everyone is going to jail over misinformation and the greed for money and followers. You can’t fix stupid. TikTok user @Tizzyent uploaded himself messaging with Clifford on Instagram. Of course prosecutors said they had already been investigating Clifford prior to the TikTok videos publication.

Told you part 2: BUSTED! pic.twitter.com/IMLYLI0lfL

— Michael Mc (@TizzyEnt) August 31, 2021