Arrest Warrant Issued For Ex-Disney Star Kyle Massey After He Skipped Court For His Immoral Communication With A Minor Case

Kyle Massey is a wanted man after missing court in Washington state for a case where he allegedly had immoral communications with a minor.

Source: Paul Archuleta / Getty

When it comes to ex-Disney stars, it seems most of them can’t stay out of trouble or have some sort of scandal once they go on to enjoy the rest of their lives. At this point, Jake Paul is one of the few who hasn’t been caught up in a massive scandal since he departed Disney, which means the bar is on the floor. When your childhood is taken from you for profit, it usually has some serious, long-lasting impacts on a person. But still, even with that trauma, some things are simply inexcusable.

Recently, it was revealed that ex-Disney star Kyle Massey is going to court for allegedly having immoral communication with a minor. He claims it’s all a lie and an extortion attempt and if that’s the case, he just has to go to court and prove he is innocent. According to TMZ, the problem is that he isn’t showing for court, which comes after missing the first date, it being postponed, then missing the second one–so the judge is fed up.

Former Disney star Kyle Massey is now a wanted man — TMZ has learned a Washington State judge just signed a warrant for his arrest after he missed his arraignment in his immoral communication with a minor case. Massey had been scheduled to appear for his arraignment Monday morning in King County, but prosecutors say the kid star never showed up … so the judge ended up signing a $100k warrant for the actor’s arrest.

Massey missed his arraignment in late June, so it was re-scheduled to today … but with Massey not showing up again, it seems the judge was fed up and now the actor’s a wanted man.

Massey’s attorney claims they’ve reached out to the district attorney’s office because Massey was never served to appear in court, but they haven’t heard back. Even if it’s true, if you know about it, you should probably go to court–especially with the serious nature of the case. The victim in the case is the same accuser from his civil suit that sued him for $1.5 Million, and the King County D.A wasted no time blasting Massey’s lawyer and calling B.S. on him never being served.

“Further, Mr. Massey, nor any representatives of him, have filed anything in the Court docket.”
They continue, “It is possible that Mr. Massey’s attorney is calling the wrong office. It’s also worth noting that Mr. Massey previously acknowledged the filing of the case in past media articles since the first arraignment date, which also included today’s new arraignment date. There’s no misrepresentation here. Quite simply, Mr. Massey did not appear in court.”

When your freedom is on the line, you appear in court –even if you don’t think you have a date on the docket. Hopefully, he turns himself in soon before this situation gets any uglier.