Azealia Banks Accuses Kanye West Of Biting Her Album Cover

Azealia Banks seemingly has a love-hate relationship with Kanye West– but that’s probably because of her Gemini energy. Upon Kanye’s return to social media on Tuesday night, the music legend posted a few pictures of his chains, which feature the names of his children. According to Azealia, Kanye stole the aesthetic of his photo from her, calling back to her 2019 “Billionaire Bully” cover, which shows her rocking a multitude of gold chains around her neck, much like ‘Ye did in his picture.

“Should have exfoliated before trying to bite me @kanyewest,” wrote Azealia on Instagram, sharing pictures of both covers and rudely telling the mogul to take better care of his skin. Considering this comes a few days after the release of Banks’ latest single “Fuck Him All Night,” which is apparently about Kanye, it’s a little confusing to determine whether the rapper is trolling Kanye or if she’s actually bothered about the picture. 

Sergi Alexander/Getty Images

Muddying the situation up even more, Azealia proceeded to post a picture wearing “Yeezy” nails, appearing to support the Donda artist.

A few weeks ago, Azealia rebooted her love affair with Kanye by telling her fans that she wants to have his child. When the post went viral, she took back her words and said she was joking. But now she’s doing all this… so? 

How do you think Azealia really feels about Kanye?