Benny The Butcher Confirms “Tana Talk 4” Is On The Way

Benny The Butcher occupies an interesting space in the rap world. Even with his generally gritty sound, his versatility as an MC has been highlighted in the past year. Plus, he’s been locked in the studio with everyone from Fabolous to Lil Durk in recent times which leaves many of us wondering where he’s heading on his next project.

 Bennett Raglin/Getty Images 

The rapper just slid through with the release of The Plugs I Met 2 with Harry Fraud a few months back which is the first of a few releases planned for this year. Benny hit the ‘Gram with a promising update for fans on what he has next in store — the fourth installment in the beloved Tana Talk series. He shared a video to his Story, timed at 5:20 a.m., of some motivational talk as he made his way out of the recording studio.

“I just want n***as to know that lately, this is — I routinely leave the studio at this time. I’m on my bullshit,” he said. “I got shit for you n***as. Talk Talk 4 on the way.”

The upcoming release means that Benny’s forthcoming tour will probably focus on records off of Tana Talk 4 as well as The Plugs I Met 2 and 2020’s Burden Of Proof.

Check out the video below and peep the dates for Benny The Butcher’s “The Burden Of Plugs” tour here.