Beyonce Was Photographed With A Telfar Bag And Now Fans Are Sure They’ll Never Get OneBeyonce Was Photographed With A Telfar Bag And Now Fans Are Sure They’ll Never Get One

As far as must-have accessories go, there has been perhaps no more popular item than the Telfar bag. Although the brand insists on inclusivity in direct contradiction to industry conventions, it has still been practically impossible to secure one of its ubiquitous shopping bags due to its purposely low price point (they max out at around $250, as compared to luxury brands, which can run up to five figures) and the borderline insane demand for it. Anytime it goes on sale, the brand’s website is flooded with fans clamoring to get their hands on one, and they usually sell out in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately for those who haven’t been able to get one yet, the Telfar shopping bag may reach an improbable new height of popularity thanks to the co-sign of the latest celebrity to be seen sporting one out and about. A paparazzi shot of Beyonce walking around Brooklyn with a bag has gone viral on Twitter, shooting “Telfar” to the top of the trending topics list and leaving fans lamenting their chances of ever being able to purchase one now that the queen of marketing impossible-to-get items (shout-out to Ivy Park!) has put her unofficial stamp on the hot-ticket item.

LOVE this for Telfar.

— kennedy. (@HelloKennedi) July 8, 2021

Ironically, many of the tweets acknowledge that the price point is likely to remain unchanged but the furor has led to many fans realizing that the demand will make them harder to get than ever. Meanwhile, those who already have the bag are rejoicing at having something in common with the pop music queen. Check out more responses below.

beyoncé owns a telfar bag and so do i. i’m a celebrity and nobody can talk to me now.

— 𝐝𝐨𝐧 (@DONSLAYS) July 8, 2021

welp. if you haven’t ordered a telfar bag yet, you can kiss that dream goodbye.

— Da’Shaun | they/them (@DaShaunLH) July 8, 2021

Love this for Telfar, hate this for the future of that site and my own collection.

— Najma Sharif (@overdramatique) July 8, 2021

Beyonce? With a Telfar? Oh it’s over. Yall will never get one.



— ty. (@TKing_20) July 8, 2021

i wonder how hard it’s gonna be to get a telfar now lol

— dash • they/them (@thedigitaldash_) July 8, 2021

RIP to the ppl who’ve had a hard time getting a telfar bag (w/o bag security)…. It just got extremely harder for y’all

— Odi (@justasadu) July 8, 2021

if you don’t have a telfar, now you will probably never be able to get one lmao.

— JW. (@jawmss) July 8, 2021

Telfar now that Beyoncé was spotted with one

— TheMelanatedIntrovert (@JustUrAvgTab) July 8, 2021

“I got one of those bags Beyoncé was wearing.. yeah the Telfar”

— 𝔊𝔥𝔬𝔰𝔱 (@DOLCEGAYBANA) July 8, 2021

Selling my Telfar bag (the one Beyoncé got) for 15,000.

— ︎ (@LUXURY0RN0THING) July 8, 2021