Bhad Bhabie Goes Off On Lil Yachty: “You Ain’t Got As Much Money As Me!”

No matter how far Danielle Bregoli goes along in her career, she will always be remembered as a problematic child from the Dr. Phil show. She’s moved on with her life and has developed a successful Rap career under the moniker Bhad Bhabie, but with every social media post or interview, Bregoli faces an avalanche of negativity from people who find pleasure at trolling the young star. Her responses have often gotten her into more trouble, especially as it pertains to allegations of cultural appropriation and Blackfishing.

Recently, Bregoli appeared on the cover of Inked magazine, and following the release of her feature, the 18-year-old once again was hit with negativity. When this happens, Bregoli often hops on Livestream to air out her frustrations, angrily yelling about being on the receiving end of harsh critics. This time, Lil Yachty jumped on Live with her in an attempt to teach her another way.

Yachty tried telling Bregoli that yelling at a screen about her online bullies won’t change anything. “I need you to understand that there’s a better way to get your point across,” he said.

While he was talking, an angry Bregoli interrupted to counter his argument, saying she has to explain herself to prove that what people present her to be isn’t truth. “It’s so frustrating that the internet is so f*cking sensitive to anything I do or anything anyone else does,” she yelled. “But the minute one of us come for them, ‘Oh, why you talkin’ ’bout me’… Like, what?!”

Yachty tried to squeeze a word in, but Bregoli wasn’t quite finished and went on to say her biggest pet peeve is being accused of cultural appropriation. She then defined what “cultural appropriation” means to her, explaining that it is only true for people who first denounce a look or practice from another culture to only, in turn, do it themselves.

Meanwhile, Lil Boat continued to try to explain to the teen that she should learn that “this don’t help nothing.” He added, “You gotta understand sh*t come with this lifestyle.” Bregoli and Yachty didn’t seem to be on the same page and she interpreted his advice as telling her to allow people to say whatever they want. However, it seems that Yachty was urging her to stop going on Livestream to yell at her phone’s camera because she’s frustrated with naysayers. 

Bregoli continued to go off on Yachty, telling him that he wasn’t as popular and didn’t have as much money as she does. Still, Yachty asked her why she was yelling at a phone. “It makes me feel better,” she replied. That was enough for him as he chuckled, said “goodnight,” and logged out. The Live ended after someone else, presumed to be her boyfriend, walked in and told her she was embarrassing herself and that her manager told her to get offline.

It was…chaotic…to say the least. Check out clips and reactions from viewers below.