Bill Gates Reflects On Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein: “It Was A Huge Mistake”

Microsoft founder Bill Gates spoke about his past work with billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Wednesday, in a new interview with CNN. He referred to the relationship as a “mistake.”

“I had several dinners with him hoping that what he said about getting billions of philanthropy for global health through contacts he had might emerge,” Gates said. “When it looked like that wasn’t a real thing that relationship ended.”

“It was a huge mistake to spend time with him, to give him the credibility,” the billionaire continued. “I made a mistake.”

Jack Taylor / Getty Images

Gates’ relationship with Epstein reportedly factored into a growing rift between himself and his ex-wife Melinda, who filed for divorce from him, earlier this year.

Melinda is expected to continue working on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for at least the next two years.

“I’ve always enjoyed our work together,” Gates told CNN, regarding his work with his ex-wife. “You know the two of us can go out and work with leaders and help build the organization, so that would be definitely the best thing for the foundation.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Gates discussed the reports of a toxic culture at Microsoft.