Billie Eilish Admits She “Constantly” Thinks About Things She’d Say In Old Interviews

Billie Eilish says she constantly thinks about interviews she gave when she was younger and how much she’s changed since then. Her debut song, “Ocean Eyes,” was released in 2015 when she was just 14-years old.

Eilish discussed growing up in the public eye in a new interview with Vogue Australia, earlier this week.

“I said so many things then that I totally don’t agree with now, or think the opposite thing,” she told the outlet. “The weirdest thing is how nothing ever goes away once it’s on the internet. Every interview I did when I was 15 is still out there, and I think about it constantly. I did an interview where somebody said: ‘What are you doing when you’re not making music?’ And I said: ‘Even when I’m not making music, I’m making music.’ And actually, Lil Wayne said that in an interview and I just saw it and said it, too. And it’s not even true!”

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

She explained: “When you’re a fucking teenager, you don’t really know yourself, so you’re trying to figure yourself out. That was the hardest thing for me: I didn’t actually know how I really felt. So I just came up with this facade that I stuck to.”

The 19-year-old pop star’s sophomore album, Happier Than Ever, is due out on July 30, 2021. Thus far, she has released three singles for the project, including “NDA,” “Lost Cause,” and “Your Power.”