Blac Chyna Faces Rumors From Hairstylist That She’s Engaged

If rumors are to be believed, Blac Chyna will soon be walking down the aisle. Celebrities often go the extra mile to keep their personal lives private, but hairstylist Jayy may have spilled the beans about Blac Chyna. Last year, the reality star mogul surfaced on social media with images that suggested she was in a relationship with rapper Lil Twin, and recently, a video of Chyna snuggled up with her man circulated online.

As the public continued to gossip about the mother of two’s latest relationship, Jayy took to his Instagram Story with an announcement.

“Happy to say that @blacchyna has now confirmed booked and sent deposit to me as the one who’s going to be doing her hair for her upcoming wedding,” the hairstylist wrote alongside ring and bride emojis. Chyna’s fans were quick to call him out for not allowing the star to share the good news herself. However, others were quick to point out that some celebrities have often purposefully used others to share news such as this.

The Sun quickly contacted Blac Chyna’s mother Tokyo Toni to ask about her feelings regarding her daughter’s alleged upcoming nuptials. “Today was my first time hearing about it. I’m shocked,” Toni reportedly stated. She also gave a timeline of her daughter’s relationship.

“She’s with Lil Twin. They’ve been together about two years or so now,” Tokyo added. She denied any information that Chyna was pregnant and reiterated that she is unaware of an engagement. “I’ve met him and I think he’s a pretty good fit. I even met his mom, they’re a pretty cool family. I wouldn’t be against it.”

“They seem to be very, very happy & content.” Chyna has yet to respond to the rumors. Check out a few posts below.

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