Blueface Releases A “TikTok” Hit

Blueface is back with his new single, titled “TikTok.” The Los Angeles rapper has a busy schedule ahead of him as he prepares for his upcoming celebrity boxing match against TikToker Kane Trujillo, and he’s seemingly setting out to prove that he can also go viral when he wants, releasing his catchy new single on Friday.

Describing his fast moves over a relaxed beat, Blueface Baby shows off his acting chops in the music video, linking up with his Lil Cuz (a puppet) and reaching a wild house party by the pool. Angling to start a new dance trend, this might be the next song to take off from the established LA spitter.

What do you think of the new record from Blueface? Stay tuned because he’s got a big week ahead of him, fighting Kane Trujillo on July 23.

Quotable Lyrics:

From the left to the right
From the front to the back then it’s back to the right
To the left, mop it up, clean it up
Grey cup, do your stuff
Take a sip then you dip with the hip-hop
Put this on TikTok