Bobby Shmurda Fans Aren’t Sure If They’re Feeling His New Music Preview

Maybe we’ll end up getting a “First Year Out” freestyle from Bobby Shmurda? Following his release from prison earlier this year, GS9 representative Bobby Shmurda hasn’t released any new music, frustrating his fans with how long they’ve had to wait. The New York rapper appears to be dealing with some sort of issues with his label, which was reported a few months ago. However, people are starting to get frustrated at the lack of activity from Bobby.

On Tuesday night, the “Hot N***a” artist decided that it was time to get his supporters riled up and ready for new music, previewing one of his upcoming releases and catching a feel for what people think of it. Unfortunately, the reception hasn’t been fully positive, as some fans are commenting that they didn’t wait six years to hear these flows.

“Bro stuck in 2014,” said one troll. “We really waited 7 years for Bobby to get out just to wait another 7 for a new song. Starting to think maybe Bobby was a one hit wonder,” complained another. “Hype is gone, took too long,” argued another person.

The aggressive new single doesn’t have a release date yet. We’ll keep you posted as Bobby reveals more information. What do you think of it? Are people overreacting with their criticism?

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