Boosie Badazz Visits Hotel Where Whitney Houston Died: “Taking Me A Bath”

Eight years ago, the death of Whitney Houston shocked the world. It was in February 2012 when the celebrated singer made appearances ahead of the Grammy Award ceremony, including visiting with Brandy and Monica to rehearse for Clive Davis‘s coveted pre-Grammy gala. Sadly, Houston was found unresponsive in her Beverly Hilton Hotel room, submerged in the bathtub. She was reportedly pronounced dead on the scene.

Houston’s family, friends, and fans have kept her legacy alive through memories and music, and Boosie Badazz recently wanted to share a Houston-inspired moment with his social media followers.

Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

“Taking me a bath,” said Boosie in a video shared on social media. “I’m like, four doors down from the room Whitney Houston died in, so I’m taking me a bath.” The rapper added, “This sh*t legendary. I love Whitney Houston. Four doors down from the room where she died in. So, I’m taking me a bath. Listen to Whitney. T.I.P. Whitney Houston.”

It looked as if Boosie was honoring Whitney Houston in his own way, but not everyone thought that filming himself in a bath was appropriate, especially considering that is how she died. The Louisiana rapper has repeatedly spoken about his love and admiration for Houston, so it doesn’t seem as if his intentions were disrespectful.

Years ago, the Beverly Hilton decided to “retire” the room where Houston passed away because there were too many people requesting the room in order to party there “like Whitney did.” Check out Boosie’s video below.