Cardi B Called Out By 6ix9ine’s GF Jade After Retweeting Post Calling Her A Liar

There is trouble brewing after Cardi B allegedly liked social media posts about Tekashi 6ix9ine’s girlfriend Jade. It was back in 2018 when Cardi stood accused of reportedly sending goons to a strip club to rough up Jade and her sister following accusations that one of them cheated with Offset. The following year, Cardi was indicted on two counts of felony attempted assault and later pleaded not guilty.

While Cardi hasn’t said a peep about the ongoing case, someone noticed that the New York rapper retweeted a clip of 6ix9ine and Jade on Instagram Live with Akademiks. In the video, Akademiks asks Jade if she’s the person Cardi was beefing with and she says yes, but when he tells her he heard that “Cardi’s people did a number on you,” both Jade and Tekashi laughed and she said, ‘Nah. Never that.”

The Twitter user who posted the video wrote, “It’s really just laughable how y’all are STILL trying to spread that like of ‘cardi sending men to beat up women‘ when the woman cardi allegedly ‘harrassed’ admitted It was a lie. lol.” Another fan of Cardi’s shared a screenshot that showed what “to do a number on someone” means, and the rapper retweeted that as well.

News of those reposted messages got back to Jade and she got a few things off of her chest on her Instagram Story. “A LIE?? [crying laughing emoji][thinking emoji] DONT PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH !” wrote Jade. “Everybody knows the truth including your husband . LET’S NOT TAKE IT THERE. DONT RETWEET ANYTHING ABOUT ME OR A CASE THATS FAR FROM OVER !”

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