Cardi B Fires Back At Critics Over Kulture’s Lavish Birthday Gifts

Cardi B and Offset celebrated the third birthday of their daughter Kulture this weekend. The princess-themed extravaganza was decked out and packed with family and friends. It was towards the end of the party when both Offset and Cardi revealed their gifts for their daughter. Offset gifted his three-year-old an iced-out Richard Mille watch that’s said to be worth $250K. Cardi, who admitted Offset out-did her, reportedly dropped $150K on a baby charm with diamond-encrusted pendants.

People immediately began to pick apart the couple for gifting a three-year-old $400K worth of gifts on their birthday. Many believed that Kulture couldn’t possibly appreciate these gifts at such a young age. However, Cardi fired back at the haters, explaining that she’ll be living her childhood dreams vicariously through Kulture. “Listen imma live my childhood dreams thru my kids,” she wrote with several laughing emojis.

Even this response created backlash. “Cardi honey….You openly said this? Proudly? Loudly? Yikes,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Yes why not ? Princess parties ,unlimited toys , vacations and Pools my kid loves the pool and I went to the pool like 5 times in my childhood. Different flavor cereal not just Raisin Bran,” Cardi responded. In a separate tweet, she added, “They want me to be just as miserable as them .Same ol shit .Then speak about it for a week and play victim like if I started with them .You can’t show people you happy here it make bitches pull their coochie hairs.”

Check Cardi’s tweets below.