Chrisean Rock Clears Up Rumors About Blueface & Tattooing His Name

After she revealed her first Blueface tattoo, Chrisean Rock faced accusations that she was a little too attached to the rapper. After the second, she was accused of being obsessed. Chrisean is Blueface’s artist that he has been helping guide through the industry, but some believe that their relationship is more than just business. Whatever may be going behind closed doors is between them, but after Chrisean shared she got Blueface’s government named inked on the side of her neck, he came forward to clarify a few things.

In a video, Blueface wanted Chrisean to admit that he wasn’t selling her false dreams or promises of a relationship. She laughed her way through it, but Chrisean has returned with a message to naysayers. “Ok i wanna address it . first just cuz i got a tat ppl took it the wrong way,” she wrote on Instagram. 

“Yeah blue could have worded tht interview better but listen i don’t go out my way to lie and cover sh*t up.stop saying i live with him when i live in my own sh*t,” Chrisean added. “The crib i’m in rn it’s mine [one hundred emoji] nobody got the power to kick me out of my sh*t 2nd i’m dat b*tch so i decide to do what i want that’s all.”

“Just cuz I don’t post everything y’all thinking one way [crying laughing emojis].” Meanwhile, it seems that there aren’t any plans to get her missing tooth fixed anytime soon as it has become her signature. Check out Chrisean Rock’s message below.