Coi Leray Believes She Has Best “XXL” Freestyle & Cypher

This season of Coi Leray’s career has been her time to shine, but at every turn, the budding artist has been met with criticism. Leray is a part of this year’s XXL Freshman class, and since her inclusion was announced, she’s defended her talents against naysayers. Previously, Leray’s XXL Freshman freestyle caused her to go viral after Hip Hop fans weighed in heavily about her singing-rapping approach. After her Freshman cypher circulated online, the New Jersey-bred artist is once again a trending topic.

Her addition to the cypher was met with backlash as people came down on the 24-year-old artist, but she’s repeatedly responded to her critics, this time defending her cypher bars and responding to trolls with a little cash-tossing.

Rich Fury / Staff / Getty Images

In a clip, Leray is seen at the top of a staircase as she throws cash into the air, making it rain in her home. On her Instagram Story, the singer returned once again.

“You thought I was about to spit the hottest fire flame,” she said. “Let me tell y’all something…I feel like, personally, I had the best XXL freestyle. Me and Lakeyah fa sho had the best XXL freestyle. Especially my whole class of the cyphers. I haven’t even heard the cyphers, other cyphers yet. And I know we had the best cypher. Especially me.”

As the debate about the cypher rolls on, you can check out Coi Leray being proud of herself below.