Coi Leray’s Baffling ‘XXL’ Freshman Cypher Verse Draws Fire From Fans After She Gives Up And Twerks

Each year since its inception, the XXL Freshman Cypher has offered the members of each Freshman class an opportunity to justify their inclusion — or totally embarrass themselves. For this year’s first round of Cypher verses, including Coi Leray, DDG, Lakeyah, and Morray, it appears controversial pick Coi has opted for the latter, delivering an utterly baffling verse reminiscent of Playboi Carti’s squelched ad-lib-spitting style before giving up on rapping and reverting to her trademark twerking (perhaps to distract viewers from the laziness of her verse). You could say that Coi, who’s got a better pen than she lets on, half-assed the assignment.

Bro coileray couldn’t rhyme anymore in her freestyle n started twerking

— BASEMENT BOYZ ON YT (@BasementBoyzTV) July 13, 2021

In fact, plenty of fans have taken their thoughts to Twitter to say that and more. While Coi has received a truly bewildering amount of hate online for everything from her body to her fashion sense to her biggest hit yet (only on Twitter is success a bad thing), she’s always had a fair amount of defenders willing to go to bat against the body shamers and rap chauvinists who impugned her hit’s unconventional style — which is also a departure from her usually polished rhymes on tracks like “Huddy” and “Slide” with Gunna. Those defenders are hard-pressed to stand up to the trolls this time, though, as she blew her chance to take control of the narrative with an impressive verse — or at least a finished one.

I can’t keep defending Coi Leray if she keeps performing like this…. Idk about this XXL Cypher. I love her energy but her music is giving kids bop or early morning Disney with those noises & such…..

— Karen Huger’s Wig (@karenhugerswig) July 13, 2021

who is giving Coi Leray a platform? she not even cute enough for this and the bars are worse than Saweetie’s,
now when I say light bright privilege this be what I mean

— Racy the Harajuku (@RacyDaHarajuku) July 13, 2021

XXL realizing the mistake they made after seeing Coi Leray’s freestyle

— jaiden (@jaxander9) July 13, 2021

For what it’s worth, the Cypher isn’t always an indication of future success and there’s nothing stopping Coi from returning her focus to witty wordplay. Her move makes a certain kind of sense, as she catered to the fans who most appreciated her most successful single yet, “No More Parties,” who might not have been tuning in for anything more than vibes. But for her part, Coi seems to be taking the criticism in stride. Unfortunately, this was also a rare chance at a second first impression in the minds of many fans, who she’ll have to work that much harder to impress in the future. For proof, just check out the responses below.

Come they said! It’ll be fun they said!

— PRESSURE (@coi_leray) July 13, 2021

Nah coi leray imma need you to hire a freestyle coach and a ghost writer

— SANTAN (@playboisasuke) July 13, 2021

i was waiting on Coi Leray cypher just what I expected

— 2stackJVO (@2stackJ) July 13, 2021

Coi Leray during her XXL freshman cypher freestyle

— kèv ParfumTheInvestigator (@SLveki) July 13, 2021

ayo Lil Mosey’s XXL cypher verse might be better than Coi Leray’s

— Div (@DivsRevenge) July 13, 2021

Coi Leray and Lil Mosey gotta have a URL battle

— Ahmed (@big_business_) July 13, 2021

Just heard that Coi Leray freestyle and honestly it’s not even that bad she just need to work on her flow, her delivery, her wordplay, her pronunciation, her enunciation, her pitch, her cadence, rhythm, and probably needs to read a dictionary

— Poet (@terxme) July 13, 2021

Wtf was coi leray talkin about my people at lunch table can do better bruh

— 07 (@n1ggaelodeon) July 13, 2021

lil moosey passing the torch down to Coi Leray

— zay babbles (@BabblesZay) July 13, 2021