Conor McGregor Flexes Insane $3.6 Million Lamborghini Yacht

Conor McGregor suffered a devastating loss at UFC 264 just last weekend as he broke his leg against Dustin Poirier. It was one of the most gruesome losses of his career and moving forward, there are some uncertainties when it comes to his career. Regardless, McGregor remains motivated to make a comeback and over the last week, he has delivered numerous messages to his fans who have been showering him with support in the aftermath of his major loss.

Despite all of the negative things that have happened to McGregor as of late, he seems to be experiencing some massive positives. For instance, after ordering a Lamborghini Tecnomar 63 back in October, he has finally received the magnificent ship as it is ready to go out on the water.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

In a report from TMZ, it was revealed that this yacht cost a whopping $3.6 million which makes sense considering there are only 63 of these in the world. While the ship is mostly shaped like a speedboat, the vessel is quite large at 63 feet and 24 tons. Meanwhile, there is also a 4,000 horsepower which just goes to show how impressive this thing is.

McGregor unveiled the boat in the Instagram post below, and as you can see, this Lambo yacht is mostly olive green and black. It’s a pretty unique machine, and we imagine McGregor will be spending a lot of time on it throughout his recovery.