Conor McGregor Sports Crutches With Pride Following Leg Injury

Just a few weeks ago, Conor McGregor suffered the worst injury of his career against Dustin Poirier. While trying to gain his footing after a punch, McGregor snapped his ankle and it was a pretty brutal sight to behold. McGregor immediately forfeited the match and it was a pretty embarrassing result for a fighter who talks so much game before a fight. 

Regardless, McGregor has been working hard to forge a comeback and it is believed that he should be able to come back to the UFC within the next year or so. In fact, McGregor has been spending a lot of time out and about these days, and he has no problems when it comes to walking around on his crutches.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Recently, McGregor was spotted by TMZ in Los Angeles where he was exiting the restaurant called Craig’s. In the clip below, Conor was all smiles throughout his trek back to his car, and when asked about his recovery, he said “Three weeks, three days — it’s been good.” Of course, walking on crutches is never ideal although, given the circumstances, it seems as though McGregor is healing quite nicely.

Leg injuries are never easy to return from, so you have to give it to McGregor for toughing it out like this. As for his return to the Octagon, you might have to wait for 2022 before that happens.