Crunchy Black Says Pooh Shiesty Is Guilty: “Alleged, My Ass”

Three 6 Mafia affiliate Crunchy Black called out Pooh Shiesty during a recent appearance on Dirty Glove Bastard‘s Off The Porch. Shiesty is currently locked up in a Miami-Dade federal jail for a crime that Black says he is definitely guilty of.

“Pooh Shiesty, look at this n***a,” he begins. “He just got in the game. He already jumping out the car, robbin’ a n***a and shit.”

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Someone off-camera remarks that he only “allegedly,” committed the crime.

Black continues: “Yeah, whatever … We saw that n***a. Alleged, my ass. But Pooh Shiesty, that’s my n***a. Just sayin, he did it. It was him. I ain’t gonna act like that wasn’t him … That was Pooh Shiesty. They can’t lock him up because I say it would him. I could still be lyin.”

Shiesty was initially taken in on charges related to a double shooting in Bay Harbor Island back in October 2020. WSVN 7 News Miami reports that he was reportedly involved in a failed drug and sneaker deal. Two people were shot and suffered non-fatal injuries during the altercation.

To make matters worse, he was arrested again in June for allegedly shooting at a security guard at the King of Diamonds in Miami.