Cuban Doll and JayDaYoungan Split After Allegedly Finding “Gay Stuff”

The relationship between Cuban Doll and JayDaYoungan has been in question for quite some time now after ongoing social media drama between Cuban Doll and JayDaYoungan’s baby momma Jordan, who both claim to be the rapper’s number one.

The women have blasted each other on social media a few times and have even gotten into a physical altercation over the “23 Island” rapper. While she is all beauty and brains, Cuban Doll is no stranger to beef. The rapper was also recently involved in a physical altercation with King Von’s sister, in a fight that spread across social media.

This time, Cuban Doll shares that she and the rapper’s split may have had to do with his sexuality in a post to her fans.

“The real reason me & jay broke up I went through his phone & seen gay stuff,” Cuban penned on Twitter. “Ain’t nothing with that I never said anything because I don’t thinks he ready to tell y’all maybe I’m wrong for even saying this but it’s honestly truth.”

Cuban then shared, “It’s okay I’m GAY ALSO,” followed by heart emojis.

JayDayoungan has yet to speak out since Cuban’s allegations.

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