CupcakKe Says “Your Favs” Are In Her DMs Asking For Verses & ‘To Borrow Lyrics”

After receiving backlash on social media, cupcakKe has returned to clarify her statements. Recently, the rapper faced off with her fellow artists’ fanbases and one Twitter user jumped in with insults. The person shamed cupcakKe about her weight and added, “Nobody finna beef with your flop ass.” CupcakKe responded to the tirade: “A Megan Stan calling me ‘BIG’ Interesting.”

“It just shows what they think of her,” she added. “Because once again read the tweet.” This gave cupcakKe a chance to get a few things off of her chest regarding her status and influence in the industry. “It’s real funny how you hoes come to me begging for verses , asking to borrow lyrics ,but never clear y’all lame ass fan bases when they harassing mfs EVERYDAY.”

Chelsea Guglielmino / Staff / Getty Images

“[And] then wonder why y’all friends be dropping like fly’s,” she added. “You hoes play cool with mfs behind the scenes to much for me.” Recently, cupcakKe has faced off with Sukihana on social media and sparked a discussion when she called the current state of women in Rap “boring.”

On Wednesday (July 14), following her recent controversy, cupcakKe planned on going on Livestream to address her critics but instead, delivered an audio message. She called her critics “pathetic” and “really sick” before addressing accusations that she “body-shamed Lizzo” in one of her songs. CupcakKe claimed Lizzo didn’t have an issue with the mention and they even DMed one another.

She also denied claims that she’s a “flop,” calling herself “the most successful Black independent female artist to ever do it.” CupcakKe challenged listeners to “name another one, independently, that does it like I does it. You can’t. I am the top of the top. I am the best of the best.” As far as her claims about other artists are concerned, she alleges that she has proof and opts to converse with people on Twitter because Instagram allows people to unsend their messages.

“Your favs are not who you think they are,” she said. “They askin’ for verses, they askin’ for—yes, to me, y’all love sayin’, ‘Little ol’ you? They askin’ for a verse from little ol’ you?’ Yes! They are. Best believe that. Screenshots waiting.” People responded by telling cupcakKe to pull the receipts. Check out her posts, audio, and a few reactions below.