Cyn Santana Speaks On Erica Mena’s Alleged Hate Account: “That’s Weird”

Before things turned sour, Cyn Santana and Erica Mena were happily in love. The pair debuted their romance on Love & Hip Hop and while everything was good for a while, their arguments began to unravel for reality television fans. Soon, the relationship had come to a violent end and the arguing made its way to social media as fans weighed in with polarizing opinions regarding who was right or wrong.

During that time, accounts were sliding in comment sections with scathing remarks about both women. Recently, Erica came under fire after it was revealed that one account that was known for consistently going after Cyn had a name change and reportedly became the Instagram account for Erica’s newborn son.

Prince Williams / Contributor / Getty Images

The controversy caused a firestorm as people concluded that Erica had been attacking Cyn online the entire time, and recently, Cyn was asked about the controversy during an interview. The host wanted to get her thoughts about the scandal and Santana took the high road, saying she’s focused on positivity.

“I wanna stay focused on the new song. I really don’t want no parts of anything that is weird, anything that is dark,” said Cyn. “I can’t even—I don’t even know what to say…Weird things like that, I just gotta pray for that. Like, that’s weird. Those are weird things. Fake pages and cyber-bullying.” She admitted to having a lurking page she started to “stalk” on her ex-fiancé Joe Budden.”

“I wish her well. I didn’t even know I was a thought still today,” Cyn added. She reiterated that she wants to focus on her music and leave the negativity of the past behind. Swipe below to hear Cyn speak about her ex.