DaBaby Is Being Criticized After Reprimanding Candy-Selling Kids Who Tried To ‘Finesse’ Him

DaBaby is going viral on Twitter again, but it’s not for new music or quirky memes this time. The Charlotte rapper, who was captured in a video over the weekend reprimanding a pair of candy-selling kids for overcharging while in New York for the ESPY Awards, has come under scrutiny for the video. While some are defending his actions, others think he took it too far, embarrassing the kids online and playing the miser, considering how much money he flaunts in his music.

Sharing the video to his Instagram Story Sunday, DaBaby apparently intended to teach the kids a lesson in fair business ethics after they tried to charge him $200 for a box of Gushers. The boys told the rapper that their rate was $2 for each individual bag of candy but DaBaby noted that the boxes only contained 34 bags, prompting a quick math tutorial. “What’s 34 multiplied by two, my boy?” he presses them. “It ain’t $200! It’s not even $100. It’s $68.”

Shorties missed out on their blessing after tryna finesse DaBaby pic.twitter.com/CZIWVaYsol

— Kollege Kidd (@KollegeKidd) July 11, 2021

However, it’s his next statement that has some fans up in arms against him. “You gotta use your head, you tried to play me,” he says after giving each kid just $2 in exchange for three bags of candy — $1 each for two bags of Gushers and $2 for one bag of Skittles. “I was gonna bless you anyway. You would have gotten the $200 but now you got $2. Y’all be good.”

so da baby will spend $1000 on hats from a white girl and won’t spend $200 with some black youth. ELECTRIC CHAIR. pic.twitter.com/iSHIHnV4Fg

— covered. (@lmakjgb) July 12, 2021

Some fans on Twitter expressed their disappointment in DaBaby for putting the two youths on blast the way he did, admonishing him or being cheap. Others, meanwhile, frowned on the kids for trying to finesse the rapper because they thought he made more money (to be fair, that’s what like 99 percent of fashion designers and jewelers do when it comes to rappers but that’s their business). Check out the responses below.

Da Baby filmed a flight attendant to criticize her appearance so I hardly believe he’s ‘above’ other lowly antics

— K-Ci’s (ooh yeah) (@frodeci) July 13, 2021

I just cried a lil bit for them boys man I really hope they don’t see themselves being humiliated on the internet like that. I wish there was a way we could raise some bread for them bc them babies ain’t deserve that. At all.

— ju tha jeweler (@earringdealer) July 13, 2021

Why would you as a black man go and violate two black boys selling snacks on the street? You’re supposed to give them some change and tell them to keep the snacks so they can hold onto more inventory. Dababy is a fucking bozo I want the worst for him pic.twitter.com/HKVcbguLxb

— Rossi The Jeweler (@RossiSongo) July 13, 2021

This is how Da Baby looks right now pic.twitter.com/vVCnPkps84

— YERRboi Shredda (@ShreddaSosa) July 13, 2021

Da Baby was tryna buy some candy and bless the youngins, once they saw who he was they tried to finesse and charge him $200 for a box of candy that probably doesn’t retail for $30 and even at $2 a piece doesn’t resell for over $100. He declined. Ain’t no story there.

— DC x Breeze. (@FromThaDistrict) July 12, 2021

1 . Should the kids have tried to finesse da baby ? No

2. Should da baby have gone back and handed them $200 or more after teaching them a lesson ? Yes but he doesn’t owe them anything

Both things can be true at the same time pic.twitter.com/kkhZzfsV3H

— jw (@iam_johnw2) July 13, 2021

Im a trick for children so I woulda been like “cmon on yall! We out for the day! Adventures with da baby!” Coulda changed their whole life in a few hours

— Workshop Queen (@ElWorkshopQueen) July 13, 2021

The fact that people are mad at Da Baby, is what’s wrong with kids today.

Your lying ass want $200 for a half sold box of candy?

Box come with 48 and half of that in there, kiss my ass.

Then you lying and can’t do math.

— Legend (@iiamleesa) July 13, 2021

That video of Da Baby is such loser shit to me cuz anyone from around the way know what it is. When I see kids in the parking lot, I just give them the money tbh. I dont even bother harassing them with 21 questions. I hate the idea of kids have to sell shit whether it’s to get by

— Laja (@_NotLaja) July 12, 2021

These kids look at Da Baby & Meek Mill when they’re flashing their riches on IG talking about it’s for motivational purposes and they look up to that.

That makes them and people like them extra corny for recording and embarrassing them.

— Old Head Energy (@Cheamane) July 13, 2021

Y’all defending Da Baby like that was y’all money too? Typing from a phone when you stressing about how you gon pay the bill on it when it comes pic.twitter.com/hsm72AnxFX

— Shop OuttaPocketThreadz (@LateBlmr_) July 13, 2021