Damian Lillard Is Pro-Vaccine, But Doesn’t Fault People Wanting To Research

The great COVID-19 debate has been a staple in headlines, on social media, and real-life discussions as millions discuss whether or not they will receive the vaccine. The choice is a personal decision, but as reports of the rise in cases and deaths increase, the divide is widening. Nicki Minaj stirred up controversy with her testicle-swelling allegations that turned into an international incident.

The conversation has shifted to the sports arena, once again, as leagues are setting in stone how to manage both vaccinated and unvaccinated players simultaneously. LeBron James recently revealed why he and his family decided to get vaccinated, and now Damian Lillard is sharing his story.

Gregory Shamus / Staff / Getty Images

“I think it’s a—I’m not mad at people for saying ‘I need to do my research,’ or they gotta take the steps that make them comfortable. I have a lot of people in my family that I’m tight with and I spend a lot of time around. I’m just not gon’ put them, their health or their lives in danger.” The basketball star added that when he was a child, he was given several vaccines that he nor his parents researched.

“I had to get shots my whole life,” he added. “I couldn’t tell you one thing about any of them. So, if it’s something that, you know, I’ve had people in my family actually die and people actually lose their lives to it. I’m not—if it’s a way for me to protect myself and the people that I love, I’ma do it.”

Watch Lillard explain his stance below.