DDG Reps Michigan Hard On “Midwest Flow”

There are a few YouTubers who’ve transitioned from social media personalities into rappers. Though many of them have been able to succeed through recognized features, others have carved their own lane without much help. DDG, specifically, has been proving everyone who doubted him wrong. The release of his project, Die For Respect with OG Parker put people on notice that DDG is serious about his musical effort.

While the rapper has announced his retirement from YouTube following his celebrity boxing match, he came through this week with his latest offering, “Midwest Flow.” The rapper pays homage to his home state and its influential sound on his latest offering. He rips through the beat with incredulous flexes detailing his sexcapades, wealth, and success for a little less than two minutes. 

Check out DDG’s latest below.

Quotable Lyrics
Yaktown shit, I’m from Michigan
Tried to put a couple n***as on, they wasn’t listenin’
I be on the road, never home, I be missn’ it
I just told my bitch she got a mall when she kissin’ it