Deontay Wilder’s Fiancée Claims Tyson Fury’s COVID Scare Is A Hoax To Postpone Fight

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder were set to meet for the third time on July 24th in Las Vegas, but that has all been postponed due to a positive COVID test in Fury’s camp. The two boxers fought to a draw in their first match, and Fury won the second match by TKO. After Wilder forced the third fight sooner rather than later, plans were to see the trilogy play out. But Wilder’s fiancée Telli Swift claims that Fury is trying to postpone that final bout. 

“You’ve trained so hard, blood, sweat, and tears and then for someone to have COVID and Deontay’s fight with torn biceps, broken fingers, burns on his arms, and he still fought,” said Swift to TMZ. “So, I just feel like with COVID and you have sixteen days until the fight, he should still be able to fight and make it happen.”

“I don’t think that he’s ready,” she continued. “I think he’s buying time, and I just feel like he feels Deontay is at the best looking-wise.” That’s a bold claim, especially since COVID protocols would push the fight back regardless of how Fury felt personally. “Deontay’s mind… he eats, sleeps, lives Tyson Fury. So, he’s ready for Tyson,” she concluded.