DijahSB & Mick Jenkins Link Up On “Here To Dance”

Shortly after declaring Mick Jenkins to be top-five material — a notion he previously put forth during our latest interview — DijahSB of Toronto has officially delivered their new collaboration with the Chi-town lyricist.

“This is a dream collab for me,” explains Dijah, speaking in a press release for the single. “Mick soundtracked my entire 2019/2020 year, working retail I used to listen to him to and from work. From then I’ve deemed him one of my favorite rappers.” On this one, however, Mick opts for a more melodic approach, allowing his collaborator to do the bulk of the spitting. On that note, Dijah is more than up to the task, riding the laid-back synthesizer beat with an easygoing swagger.

Look for DijahSB’s upcoming album Tasty Raps Vol 1, due out for release on September 17th. For more on where that came from, be sure to check out our new Rise & Grind interview with DijahSB, which you can check out right here. 

Quotable Lyrics

Girl I’m wifed up, you gon’ have to leave me alone
Doors open for me cause I put the keys in the door
So now I’m doing pretty good as far as geniuses go
Everybody know me, they been peeping the flow