Doja Cat Heads To The Desert For A Sultry Live Performance Of ‘Need To Know’

Vevo already had a knack for helping artists create live performance videos of their songs that felt like mini-concerts, but that platform has only been more useful in the midst of a pandemic. Now that it’s been months since most of us have been out to see our favorite artists on tour, these live slices of artists performing their new work is as close as it comes lately. Since the release of her long-awaited album Planet Her, Doja Cat has almost had to pick and choose which singles to promote, there’s so many good options on the record’s extensive tracklist. Clearly, though, one of her personal favorites is “Need To Know,” and it was one of the last singles to be released before she finally announced the album’s release date back in June.

In this new clip, Doja wears a futuristic high-fashion black look while perched out in the middle of the desert, singing the song while casually sitting on a cliffside. Eventually, she stands up and makes her way to the middle of a clearing where she can stretch out a few dance moves during an interlude. Check out the clip above, as well as her earlier collaboration with Vevo on “Ain’t Sh*t.”