Dr. Dre Needs To Pay Nicole Young $300K Per Month: Twitter Reacts

She’s not getting the $2 million per month that she initially requested but she’s still walking away from the marriage with a boatload of money. According to reports, Dr. Dre has officially been ordered to pay his ex-wife Nicole Young $300,000 in monthly spousal support. That amount will remain until she remarries or one of them passes away. 

As we appear to be closing in on the end of the divorce saga involving Dr. Dre and Nicole Young, who were married for over 24 years, the world is reacting to the news that the mega-producer will be paying his ex-wife $300,000 per month. Nicole will get her check on the first of every month, starting next month. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

With the news starting to circulate more widely, people are wondering what Dr. Dre’s reaction to this decision must have been, sharing funny videos of how they think he must have conducted himself. Some think that he’s going to be berating his lawyers for a long time, while others believe he’s probably glad that he didn’t walk off needing to pay even more. 

Regardless, Dre is one of the richest men in music, and although paying $3.5 million every year to someone you despise isn’t an ideal situation, he’s got millions on millions sitting in his bank account and this ensures that Nicole continues to live the same lifestyle she’s grown accustomed to.

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