Drakeo The Ruler Says Soulja Boy Is Biting His Flow

Drakeo The Ruler has been poppin’ his shit ever since he came home. The rapper’s prison stint left him with a small but loyal, dedicated following who kept up with his case and championed his name across the board. However, from behind bars, he was able to watch others in the game jack his style and run with it. 

Today, he addressed fans who’ve claimed that Soulja Boy has been jacking Drakeo’s style. Now, they’ve had their friction from earlier this year but Drakeo didn’t hold back in claiming that he’s caught Big Draco biting his flow on several occasions. The California rapper hit the ‘Gram where he made the allegations about Soulja Boy, though he seemingly brushed it off as a regular occurrence in the rap game in general. “Ofcourse I see Soulja Boy rapping like me ain’t no different from these other n***as who rap like me,” he wrote on Instagram with the hashtag #ThisMyCity.

It’s unclear what song Drakeo’s referencing where Soulja Boy bites his style but it’s quite possible that it might be “Rick N Morty.” The song has an eerie, West Coast vibe that is similar to Drakeo, along with a flow that’s also comparable to the South Central rapper.

This, of course, isn’t the first time Drakeo and Soulja Boy have found themselves engulfed in tension. Drakeo and Soulja Boy previously had a back and forth over who the real Big Draco is. Clearly, there are still some unresolved matters between the two of them.