DreamDoll Questions Why Women Are Criticized For “Doll” Names When Men Overuse “Lil”

There is a “doll” movement happening in Hip Hop and not everyone is here for it. It’s not difficult to find artists with similar Rap monikers, and with the rise of women in Rap hoping to be the next big name to take over the charts, we’re seeing an influx of “dolls” on the scene. The conversation about this particular term has returned to social media after Asian Doll shared that her “Nunnadat Sh*t (Remix)” would arrive soon with guest verses from Dreezy, Rubi Rose, DreamDoll, and Ivorian Doll.

Fans quickly pointed out how many “dolls” there are on the track as well as in the industry, including Kash Doll and Cuban Doll, and soon, social media was taken over by memes making fun of the “doll” movement. However, DreamDoll pointed out that when men do the same thing, people aren’t as quick to criticize.

“There’s mad male artist with ‘Lil” on they name but y’all so pressed about ‘doll’ on females names,” she tweeted. “Ion get it support female unity or choke on a Glizzy [hot dog emoji].” DreamDoll’s comments come on the heels of T-Pain ranting about artists in the industry sounding just alike, and some fans asked for him to make a video about all of the “Lil” rappers that exist.

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