Dwayne Haskins Allegedly Asks Woman For $20K For Gifts He Sent Her

Over the weekend, Dwayne Haskins found his name entangled in controversy after it was revealed that his wife was arrested. We previously reported on Kalabrya Gondrezick-Haskins being taken into custody in relation to charges that¬†she assaulted her Pittsburgh Steelers husband earlier this month. Sports fans discussed the alleged domestic violence incident on social media, especially after reports stated that Kalabrya allegedly knocked out or chipped one of Haskins’s teeth.

The football player later came forward to deny that he had problems with his dental work, and while he’s been handling things on the homefront, a woman shared screenshots of her alleged conversation with the Steelers star. She claims that Haskins previously sent her gifts and was asking for them back, but if they couldn’t bereturned, he would take $20K.

“I’m Not petty fr you can send what you know I spent but 20k cool respectfully,” he allegedly wrote to the woman. “If you not about to stand on what you saying just gone head about your business send what you know I spent if you have any good person in you if not just send me $20k. Apple Pay to the number I sent you because that’s going straight to family so stand on what you saying or just gone head.”

She told him she “laughed at that request” and told him he would have to “get that sh*t back in blood.” He allegedly replied, “Never cared we good over here stand on what you say or keep it pushing lol take care.” After posting the screenshot to her Instagram Story, the woman added a few more thoughts.

“Dwayne Haskins mad at the world right now. He want the money back he spent on gifts [goofy face emoji].” She added, “After reconsideration, I will be Apple paying the exact amount of $L,MAO,OOO,OOO.OO.” Check out the exchange below and let us know if you think she should give him money for the gifts he previously purchased for her.