Elderly Man Found Dead With “I Touch Little Girls” Written On Chest: Report

A mystery has Staten Island investigators working overtime after an 80-year-old man was found dead. Robert Raynor lived in an apartment home in Tompkinsville and on Monday (July 19) morning, he was found deceased. While police are still waiting for the official medical examiner’s report to find out how he died, the state in which he was found suggested foul play.

The elderly man had the words “I touch little girls” written across his chest, but those weren’t the only words located on his body. It looked as if Raynor had been beaten as there were reported visible injuries to his face, including a broken nose and swollen eyes and cheeks, and there were “injuries to both arms,” reported the New York Daily News.

Mario Tama / Staff / Getty Images

The outlet also stated that Raynor’s stomach also had a message that read, “I take dolls in my room for girls age 1-5,” while “I touch” was also written on his foot. Investigators reportedly believe that Raynor was somehow taken from the back of his apartment and left in the first-floor hallway. When looking through the sex offender’s registry, Raynor’s name was not found. His neighbor, 40-year-old Isaac Williams, was the person who stumbled upon Raynor’s body.

“I saw him lying there. I didn’t get too close. The man was just dead,” said Williams. “What was written on his chest was just disrespectful… There was a banging around the night before, like someone throwing someone around. I can’t believe it. I can’t get my head right. I don’t believe it. He was an old man. He couldn’t even get around.”

Another neighbor, Monique Simon, defended Raynor and said he “didn’t seem capable” of harming anyone because “he was very much disabled” and “had to walk with a walker.” She believes that the words written on Raynor were “to throw the case off.”