Fans And Friends Alike Salute MF DOOM On What Would Have Been His 50th Birthday

When MF DOOM passed on Halloween in 2020, it was thought that he was just a few months shy of his 50th birthday until it turned out the whole world had his birthday wrong for decades. Today is his correct birthday, so in honor of the musical supervillain, both fans and friends alike are sharing their stories and hailing their shared hero.

Since the announcement of his passing, there has not only been a renewed interest in DOOM’s existing works but also a bunch of new releases that many of his collaborators had been sitting on or were otherwise prepared to release and delayed out of respect. His first posthumous appearance was on the joint album Super What? with his group Czarface, consisting of DOOM, Wu-Tang rapper Inspectah Deck, and Demigodz MC Esoteric, who tweeted a bit of behind-the-scenes info about also the album’s accompanying comic written by DOOM.

MF DOOM would have been 50 today. Happy birthday DOOM! This panel features dialogue he added to our comic from the Super What? album. I had originally written “One Beer, no trouble” then D remixed it in favor of Apple juice. Loved having his input. DOOM forever.

— Eso of Czarface (@Czarface_Eso) July 13, 2021

Meanwhile, a string of posthumous releases included appearances on The Avalanches’ “Tonight May Have To Last Me All My Life,” on Your Old Droog’s previously recorded “Dropout Boogie,” and on IDK’s newly released album USee4Yourself on the song “Red” with fellow DOOM adherents Jay Electronica and Westside Gunn.

In addition, the game-changing underground rapper will be honored with a street in Long Beach, New York, sometime soon, with discussions on what to call it in the works (I kind of like “Daniel Dumile Drive” but “KMD-MF DOOM WAY” has been floated, as well). Check out the birthday wishes for the legendary MC below.

Happy Birthday Daniel Dumile aka MF DOOM. I became a fan of DOOM without even realizing who DOOM was, and it’s all thanks to The Boondocks for using his music for their show

— Steez (@Steez_HH) July 13, 2021

Happy Birthday to the masked villain, MF DOOM.

A once in a lifetime artist, his creativity will never be matched. One of the greatest rappers of all time.

His music means so much to me it’s hard to even describe.

— Dobson (@ByDobson) July 13, 2021

There’s nothing left to say about DOOM that hasn’t been said already. The Greatest

Happy Birthday to MF DOOM.

Rest In Peace


Happy birthday to MF DOOM

you mean the world to me

— mariano (@oscos) July 13, 2021



— Microphone Hokage (@TheNoveliss) July 13, 2021

happy birthday MF DOOM he’s the reason i got into hip-hop and im glad to have found him

— Connor (a lily nation citizen) (@Lady_Dada_Dream) July 13, 2021

MF DOOM the LEGEND would have turned 50 today!

Let us revel in his joy for food with MM… FOOD

25.6% of the album is Food
62 different foods/drinks
13 types of meat/dairy
13 cookies/crackers

RIP DOOM. It still hurts, it probably always will. We miss you ALL CAPS ALWAYS

— Hip Hop By The Numbers (@HipHopNumbers) July 13, 2021