Full “Seinfeld” Series Coming To Netflix: Release Date Revealed

Netflix has more shows and movies than anyone could ever fully consume, but that hasn’t stopped the streaming giant from creating new content and purchasing exclusive streaming rights to classic content as well. The Office, for example, has long been one of the most popular shows to watch on Netflix, and following its highly publicized exit from the streaming service earlier this year, Netflix already has another beloved sitcom ready to take its place.

According to Complex, Netflix acquired the exclusive streaming rights to Seinfeld back in 2019, and now, after Hulu’s rights expired earlier this summer, Seinfeld will find a new home at Netflix, where “all 180 episodes” will be bolstered by 4K resolution.

Getty Images / Handout

Fans of the classic Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld-created sitcom can officially start their countdown for the show’s return because Netflix has revealed that Seinfeld will finally be hitting the streaming platform on October 1.

Seinfeld arrives on Netflix during the 23-year anniversary of the acclaimed comedy’s finale and one year following Jerry Stiller’s passing. Check out Netflix’s quirky trailer for Seinfeld below, and let us know in the comments if you’ll be binging all 180 episodes once the show hits Netflix on October 1.