Furry In Love: Masked Singles Go Wild In Freaky Costumes For Netflix Dating Show “Sexy Beasts” [VIDEO]

Is this what “mating” season looks like for furries?

Source: Courtesy Netflix / Netflix

We’re just a week out from the premiere of the new Netflix dating show “Sexy Beasts” and the popular streamer just dropped a new clip from the series. Much like popular dating shows like “Love Is Blind” and “Too Hot To Handle,” the participants on “Sexy Beasts” are pushed to look beyond physical appearance and say goodbye to superficial dating by taking looks completely out of the equation by using fantastical cutting edge prosthetics and makeup to transform the daters — giving them the opportunity to find love purely based on personality!

Check out the lastest clip featuring the Panda “picker” talking to her three dates during the elimination round.

Sexy Beasts premieres one week from today!

So what does an elimination look like on a dating show when everyone is wearing elaborate makeup and prosthetics? Something like this… pic.twitter.com/42WhKue60J

— Netflix (@netflix) July 14, 2021

Who do you think she’ll pick?

Check out the full trailer below:

Source: Courtesy Netflix / Netflix

Ladies would you sign up to date a bunch of guys who look like this?

Source: Courtesy Netflix / Netflix

Fellas, would you let a dime disguised as a demon tickle your pickle?

“Sexy Beasts” premieres on Netflix July 21st, 2021

Who is watching this one? We’re curious if the demo is the same as”The Masked Singer” and “The Masked Dancer” or if it’s more aligned with folks who follow “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”.